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I work together with the company TinyEYE. They offer a program that allows children to follow online speech-language therapy in a playful way at school or at home. The speech-language therapy is given via the computer/laptop/tablet. You will receive personal log in details with which you can log into the software. You will meet the speech-language therapist in a live video connection with a series of games, which will be adapted to your level and needs. Each session will be 15 to 20 minutes. Parents can practice with their children through the digital homework backpack. The backpack contains games, notes and video messages from the speech-language therapist so that school/parents stay informed of the progress of the therapy.

The speech-language therapist maintains close contact with the child's parents, teacher (and educational needs coordinator of the school).


The program also contains session reports and test reports, so it can be read how the sessions went and which test results are known.

All TinyEYE sessions are provided in a safe and secure online environment. You have your own password, which gives you access to the software and the homework backpack. All TinyEYE speech-language therapists are registered therapists and work according to the latest standards.


English video

Dutch video

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