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My name is Aydin Taghipour and I have been working as an all-round Speech-Language Therapist since August 2016. Since May of 2019 I have been doing this work online as a freelancer and have been travelling the world while doing so. That is why I came up with the name 'Speechtravel'. You can follow me on my adventures by clicking on 'Countries visited'. Speechtravel offers the same benefits as traditional face-to-face therapy, with the added convenience of online speech-language therapy sessions; anywhere you live, work and learn. Parents no longer have to leave work early or bring the entire family to a speech-language therapy session. Instead, they can prepare dinner while the child is working with the therapist, in the comfort of their home. Online speech-language therapy opens up possibilities, especially for people who live outside metropolitan areas or have limited mobility. Now, a grandfather, who suffered a stroke, can connect online with a speech-language therapist, while his son monitors the session. Speechtravel works with the software program TinyEYE in collaboration with TinyEYE Europe. You can read more about TinyEYE by clicking on 'Partner: TinyEYE'.

I treat language/speech problems, abnormal mouth habits, voice problems, stuttering/cluttering, difficulties with executive functions (e.g. planning, regulating emotions, paying attention), reading comprehension, auditory processing skills (reading and spelling difficulties) and speech-language therapy related issues arising from aquired brain injury. I treat children, adults and elderly people for most of these issues. During my education (2012-2016) I did a minor in Aphasia, Dysarthria and Dysphagia.

I also speak several languages. I give treatments in Dutch, English, Farsi and I am currently learning Spanish.

It is important that children can be helped with pleasure, because then they are most open to learning. I like the diversity which you have as a speech language therapist. No person, request for help and problems are the same, so I find it a challenge to bring out the best in each client. Not only good supervision of the child, but also of the parents I find important and challenging. In addition, coordination between parents and teachers is very important and I try to align as much as possible with what is offered in the classroom. Furthermore, there is close contact with other disciplines such as general practitioner, pediatrician and educational needs coordinator/internal school supervisor.


In order to keep my speech therapy knowledge and skills at its best, I follow further and additional training courses. I am also a member of a quality circle. I have followed the course oro-myofunctional therapy (omft) and the course ‘The reading and spelling specialist PO / VO’. This allows me to offer children and adults assistance in the field of abnormal mouth behavior and reading and spelling difficulties.

My hobbies are traveling, dancing and drawing. I love being creative and that is certainly possible with online speech-language therapy. In addition, it gives me the opportunity to work while traveling and also treat clients abroad. Online speech therapy is the way to the future!


– Day of speech language therapy science (2015)
– Capita Selecta lecture: The speech language therapy treatment of children with eating and swallowing problems: what do we know?
– Alumni day education of Speech Language Therapy
– Basic course Oro-myofunctional therapy (OMFT) (2017)
– Course ‘The reading and spelling specialist PO / VO’ (2019)

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