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Speech-language therapy can help with the following problems:

- Articulation or pronunciation: intelligibility, sound changes / omissions / additions, lisping

- Language: language comprehension problems, vocabulary / sentence formation, word finding difficulties, storytelling skills, auditory processing skills (reading and spelling problems), executive functions (e.g. planning, regulating emotions, paying attention), reading comprehension, you doubt whether your child's language development is going well

Multilingualism: you notice that your child does not use his/her native language easily, you do not know whether there are problems due to multilingualism

- Voice: hoarseness, speaking softly or very loudly

- Stuttering/cluttering

- Abnormal mouth behavior: abnormal swallowing, thumb sucking, open mouth behavior, mouth breathing


If there are doubts about the above areas for children, they can be signed up for online speech-language therapy.

Intake and research will take place before the treatments start. 

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