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Online Speech-Language Therapist

My name is Aydin Taghipour and I have been working as an all-round Speech-Language Therapist since August 2016. Since May of 2019 I have been doing this work online as a freelancer and have been travelling the world while doing so.

I treat language/speech problems, abnormal mouth habits, voice problems, stuttering/cluttering, difficulties with executive functions (e.g. planning, regulating emotions, paying attention), reading comprehension, auditory processing skills (reading and spelling difficulties) and speech-language therapy related issues arising from aquired brain injury.

I treat children, adults and elderly people for most of these issues.

I also speak several languages. I give treatments in Dutch, English, Farsi and I am currently learning Spanish.

You can follow me on my adventures by clicking on 'Countries visited'! 

  • - You can receive online speech therapy from anywhere, as long as you have a computer/laptop/tablet and an internet connection.

    - Online speech-language therapy is also possible from abroad or when you are on holiday, making it more accessible to people.  

    - You are less committed to traditional therapy times. 


  • - You can learn in the comfort of your own preferred environment with online speech therapy.


    - No travel needed, so you save plenty of time.

    - If you as a parent/caregiver are sick, it might still be possible for your child to receive their scheduled therapy nonetheless, as you don't need to go to a physical office.

  • - All therapy homework involves playing games. The games are interactive, making them more enjoyable for the clients.


    - Due to the convenient and easy access of online speech therapy, clients attend a greater number of their scheduled sessions.

  • - The results of the therapy sessions are recorded electronically. This way, the client can check their progress anytime by logging into the secure online environment. The therapist can also check your progress and, if need be, adjust the therapy accordingly.

    - Through a session report, the therapist gives feedback on how the session went, which can be read by the client immediately. This applies to all sessions.

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If you have any questions or would like to apply for Speechtravel: online speech-language therapy, please send me an email, call me or fill in the form below. 

M: +31 654278081

E: contact@speechtravel.com

Partner website: www.tinyeye.eu

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/aydin-taghipour

Skype: aydintaghipourfard

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